Georgia Top Ten

As we move through the 14 states that the Appalachian Trail passes through we thought it best to reflect on the highlights of each as best we can. No particular order, and highlight doesn’t necessarily mean positive, just memorable.

1. ‘Speedbump’
Thank you for making the walking stick we carry with us and entrusting us to take it all the way to Katahdin!
2. Mole skin, Bengay, and Aleve
You’ve kept parts of our bodies moving long after they were ready to quit.
3. Long Creek Falls
Thanks for being one of the prettiest pit stops we made in our first miles, it just sparked the curiosity of the beauty that lay ahead.
4. Blood Mountain
You were way worse going down than coming up, but your views sure made up for it.
5. Mr. Know-It-All & The Annoying Girl
Thank you for pairing up at Neels Gap so when we pass you we know we’re putting both of you behind us.
6. ‘Solo’
You made our rainy Easter so much better by welcoming us with beer, peeps, and chocolate at Unicoi Gap. Thank you for supporting your fellow Thru-Hikers, we hope to do the same once we’re alumni!
7. Old Tent/New Tent
The first time I used my old tent was when Brent & I drove up to Northern Minnesota the summer before I left for college. So, when our first night of rain on the AT hit, both of us were disappointed to wake up damp. It was time to retire it, or perhaps just repair, but the AT keeps calling so replaced for now it is! We miss it, our new digs are even cozier than before…
8. Hiawassee Budget Inn
You guys have it all figured out and are a thru-hikers best bet. Free shuttle, laundry, pharmacy, restaurants nearby, and a gear store on site. All at the right price too!
9. $7.95 All-You-Can-Eat in Hiawassee
Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, chocolate pudding, and a salad bar with FRESH vegetables. Need I say more? Believe it or not, the salad bar is equally as satisfying as everything else. They have yet to pack lettuce into a hiker-friendly meal.
10. Actually Hiking the AT
After weeks of planning and talking about hiking the Appalachian Trail, we’re doing it. We’ve set a goal and chosen a way of life for the next couple months and we’re reminded everyday. Happily reminded.