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Nothing good about this goodbye…


Hiked through fog and drizzle today after a stormy night. We were grateful that the rain, lightening, and thunder lasted only for the duration of the hours spent in our tent. The time to say goodbye to the boys came at the end of the trail today. Brent & I are already talking about sprinting through the Great Smokies to get back to them! See Lewis’ face in the picture? He’s either annoyed Mama is taking another picture or sad he has to leave us today.

3 thoughts on “Nothing good about this goodbye…

  1. Lexie And Brent,
    We Hope The Next Leg Of Your Journey Goes Fast So You Can Be Reunited With Your Boys.
    We Love All Your Posts And Pics.
    We Arrived Home From Our “Snowbird” Journey On MondAy Night. What A Welcome We Received . . . An April Ice And Then Snow Storm. We Spent Many Hours Digging Out, Cleaning Up, And Trying To Save Our Trees. City Of Windom Declared A State Of Emergency. Utility Companies Say It Was The Worst
    Storm In 4 Decades. Media Called It The “Perfect
    Please Stay Warm, Safe And Dry.
    With Love,
    Chris And Rog

  2. Hi Alexis! I shared your blog with my Mom and she was so happy to see you, Lewis, Jack and Brent and the fun you are having. Here are a few words from my Mom: “Forget it! First of all I can see why you would need a haircut given the rough terrain you are hiking. Don’t get lost! I miss you! God bless you and I’ll keep you all in my prayers– on my knees right now!”

    • Eeeeeee I love it! Thinking of you all often, and thank your mom for thinking of us. Happy belated birthday too! Hope you were in Austin enjoying the Gypsy Kings or at least enjoying a glass of wine on the vineyard while listening to them! Thanks for reading along – missing you guys!

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