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We’re off the trail for a couple days…


After reaching Erwin, TN we received the unfortunate news from home that Brent’s Aunt Ruth passed away on Thursday night. She will be remembered as so much more than a wonderful Aunt; a loving sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Deeply missed by all, but we trust she is at peace and will be an extra pair of eyes watching over us on our thru-hike journey. Brent is flying home to be with family during this time, and we have friends Craig & Lori to thank for all their help and generosity amid these unfortunate circumstances. Alexis and the pups will be staying in Southern Virginia at Craig & Lori’s and when Brent returns the four of us will resume the hike from where we left off in Erwin. This is a time to reflect, hold your loved ones close, and celebrate a life lived with laughter, kindness, and sincerity.

4 thoughts on “We’re off the trail for a couple days…

  1. Well said Jewels…Ruth was an incredible lady who always lit up a room. We are going to miss her terribly! Hope you and the pups are doing well with Craig and Lori. We missed you last night….the Berge clan along with Larry came down for a few. Are you feeling better? We sure hope you are enjoying the rest, relaxation, and most importantly being able to eat cereal with milk 😉

  2. Alexis, you write so well. That was such a nice tribute to Ruth. She was a beautiful person. She was our dear friend and, of course, a family member of our special friends, the Fredins. We are both sad. Roger was pretty emotional today at the visitation. He and Ruth had a special friendship.

    Roger and I had a great talk with Brent. It was fun to see him and to hear his stories, first hand. We had hoped to see you, as well. However, we are glad you have this opportunity to rest. Brent assured us you are in very good hands. Take care until Brent returns and the two of you and your pups can return to the trail.

  3. Hi Brent and Lexi! I am finally getting around to sending you a message on here! Thanks for the special post regarding my mom! It was great to have Brent home for her funeral. I wish you both well and will continue to keep checking in on you! Take care! Love you!

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