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A quick hello from the trail!


Wanted to wish all our followers a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend! The four of us are going to spend it doing what else – hiking! Word on the trail is temperatures are dropping down in the 30’s tonight for us south of Pearisburg, VA. After days of heat and rain a little chill will be nice overnight. Also, we are happy to announce we officially passed over the 25% point! Mile 546.5 marked a quarter of the trail complete for us! Even though we’ve been here hiking each and every mile, we surprise even ourselves when we cross off these milestones. Happy trails!

6 thoughts on “A quick hello from the trail!

  1. CongratulationS On Reaching Such An Important Milestone. What A Great Accomplishment. Temps Here HaVe Been Cool. Treye Is Still In New Delhi, India, Where Temps Have Been Averaging 115 Degrees For The Last 2 Weeks
    Memorial Day.

  2. Way to go! You totally rock on the mileage! Big hug to Lewis. I have so enjoyed your blog. Yes, Happy Trails to you and magical days ahead! Dene’

  3. Hello Brother and Jewels! 25% done…impressive! But i must say it was about time you started hiking again…thought maybe you were just going to move into Hammonds”!?! How are the dogs holding up? What are you eating nowadays?
    We are doing well here. I am enjoying summer vacation and spending my days with Lawson. He has started eating cereal and will be moving on to sweet potatoes next week. We hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend hiking!! Love you guys!

  4. The Fish Lake Crew sends a big hug and a smooch! “Here hold my beer watch this” is hanging with Kell, dogs, and the cooks.

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